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garbage disposal installation in Lees Summit

What Exactly is a Plumbing Emergency? 10 Questions to Ask!


Garbage Disposal Installation in Lee’s Summit–Plumbing is something no one pays attention to until something goes wrong. Once you have a clogged toilet for the first time, then you’ll care about your plumbing. Don’t panic; you can always call Bill Fry the Plumbing Guy if things get crazy or if you need a toilet replacement in Lees Summit.

An overflowing toilet or a backed-up sink can quickly send you into a panic. Check out the tips below to see if you need help with a plumbing emergency, like a garbage disposal installation in Lees Summit or if you have a plumbing problem that can wait.

 Garbage Disposal Installation in Lee’s Summit–Can you stop the water flow?

When it comes to overflowing toilets or a sink leak, simply shutting off the water source can usually stop any damage. This will buy you some time to try to unclog the drain. Still not working? Then call Bill.

 Garbage Disposal Installation in Lee’s Summit–Is the leak a trickle or a flood?

For leaks of the drip variety, just grab a bucket and catch the water until you can get a maintenance specialist to come out. If your leak fills a bucket quickly, contact Bill Fry the Plumbing Guy quickly.

Garbage Disposal Installation in Lee’s Summit–Is there a health issue?

Water is essential to life, so if you are having trouble accessing water during a toilet replacement in Lee’s Summit or if  your water heater malfunctioning, these could be both be considered emergencies.


garbage disposal installation in Lees Summit

Garbage Disposal Installation in Lee’s Summit–Can you do without the plumbing fixture?

While inconvenient, you can probably do without a faucet for a little while until you can schedule a plumber to come to your home or business.

Did your pipe burst?

Burst pipes release massive amounts of water into your home and cause tons of damage. Shut off the main supply and call Bill Fry the Plumbing Guy to help with a possible water line replacement or whatever you may need.

Do you smell gas coming from your water heater?

If you smell gas, this is an emergency. If you need water heater repair or a water heater replacement in Lee’s Summit, call a professional right away. Water heaters can explode if the water pressure is too high, or the relief valve is broken. Call a professional to address these issues.

Is your water heater leaking?

In this case, you just need to turn off the power source and shut down the water supply. Start draining the tank until Bill Fry can get there.

Are multiple toilets backed up at the same time?

sewer line replacement in Lee’s Summit may be needed if you have a blockage in your sewer line and raw sewage is coming back into your home. This is an emergency. Call right away.

Did your sump pump stop working?

Sump pumps are designed to turn on if there is excess water in the home; sometimes, they malfunction. This is not an emergency unless you have a flood. Then you may need a sump pump installation in Lee’s Summit.

Are you hearing knocking or banging coming from your pipes?

Pipes sometimes make noises, but usually, this is nothing to be concerned about and is not an emergency.

Solve all your plumbing issues, emergency or not, with Bill Fry, the Plumbing Guy!

Bill Fry is a master plumber in the Kansas City Metro area and offers a wide range of plumbing services. These services include water heater replacement in Lee’s Summit, tankless water heater installation, water heater repair in Lee’s Summit, water treatment, and water testing. Do you have toilet troubles? Do you need a toilet replacement in Lee’s Summit? Bill can help along with that, along with interior and exterior faucet installation, faucet repair, sump pump testing, backflow testing and radiant heating.


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If you have a plumbing emergency at your home or business, you need someone you can rely on. Bill Fry the Plumbing Guy is here to help you with any of your plumbing needs. You can have peace of mind knowing that your repairs are done with the utmost care and backed by years of expertise and advanced knowledge. Be ready for the wow factor when you call Bill Fry the Plumbing Guy to schedule an appointment!